Monday, 26 December 2011

Step by Wicked Step - SUMMARY Chapter 3

Claudia’s Mum and Dad quarreled a lot.One day, her Dad was gone to Granny’s house. However, hedropped by for tea. Claudia overheard the name “Stella”. Her Mum and even Granny had a row with Dad. Dad usually met Claudia at Granny’s. She missed her Dad so much. The times spent with her Dad keptflooding back. She wanted things back the way they used to be. For the first time, Claudia had a separate Christmas. Later, she was introduced to Stella who was just plain and mousy. Claudia thought her mum was a whole lot better-looking than Stella. Claudia was rude when they went for a walk. Once back, they quarreled and the next day, Dad moved out of Granny’s house straight into with Stella.Claudia met her Dad off and on. Stella stayed out of it. She only made some light conversation with Claudialike asking about her friends and school. Those moments she would be thinking of her mum doing thehouse chores. After talking to her friend, Shreela, Claudia stopped blaming Stella. Dad and Stella arrangeda party for their friends. Claudia was sent there for the day. Politely, she excused herself from the party and stayed in her room. Stella was relieved.

Out of curiosity, Claudia decided to eavesdrop. She wore the green pajamas given by Stella as it was the exact shade of green of the giant fern. She sat beside the fern and listen to everything the adults downstairs were talking.The guests spoke about everything except about Mum, Dad, Stella or Claudia. Nobody praised Stella for thefood nor even spoke to her. Claudia found that very rude as her Mum was not there. Claudia, unable tostand the treatment Stella was getting, made a grand appearance at the party and thanked Stella for the beautiful pyjamas she had brought for her. Finally, everyone started noticing Stella. As for Claudia andStella, this was the starting point.Stella would teach Claudia how to quilt, read maps, change electric plugsand how to skate.

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