Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Are You Still Playing Your Flute - Analysis of the Poem


Family commitments
Priorities in life
Neglect of one’s duties

Moral Values 

We should be aware of our family commitments and carry them out properly.
Everyone has priorities in, life and we should know what is important and what is not.
Following a hobby is good but there is a time for work and a time for play.

Point of View 

The poem is the first point of view.
The person is addressing another person and describing a situation to him.

Language and Style 

Rhetorical question
Descriptive and questioning
Simple style and no rhyme

Tone, Mood and Atmosphere 

Sombre and regretful
Serious atmosphere

Poetic Devices

Imagery – e.g. ‘blown by the wind’, ‘depth of my heart’
Alliteration – e.g. ‘fragrance of flowers’
Symbol – e.g. ‘flute’, ‘song’
Repetition – e.g. ‘Are you still playing your flute?’
Figurative Language – Metaphor e.g. ‘The melody concealed in the slime hollow of bamboo – Personification e.g. ‘sick rice field’

Credit: Zahuren 

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