Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Step by Wicked Step - Richard Harwick

Richard is a loyal person. He is too loyal to his father that he becomes so angry with his mother for betraying his father's memory by marrying Coldstone. He hates his stepfather and calls him a black bat. He also thinks that his sister is disloyal for getting along with their stepfather. He refuses to listen to his sister's advice to make peace with their stepfather.

Indulging too much in his own grief, Richard becomes an irresponsible and thoughtless person. Feeling that no one cares about his feelings, he runs off to the sea and explores the world. Disappearing without a word, Richard has caused his mother and sister much grief. He does not even realize the damage that he has done to these two people who really love him until it is too late.

Credit: Fatimi Estar

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