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A Fighter's Lines - Analysis of the Poem


This poem is about a man who used to serve his country but he is now old, frail and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, this old man has not lost his fighting spirit as reflected in the title of the poem, "A Fighter's Lines". Although "body and energy crushed, see and cannot do much", he still fights by voicing out his opinions to the younger generation. he challenges them to come forward and stand up for what is right and truthful amidst "the net of deceit". He also expresses his concern for the future of the country. the man feels that his generation has made a lot of sacrifices to gain independence, freedom and justice. in order to maintain the country's peace and harmony, he calls for the young people to unite, "be brave" and "stand up" to take responsibility for the freedom of the country. In the last stanza, the man is saying that his glory days are over and it is now the younger generation's turn to take the lead. 


Untied we stand, divided we fall
The poem calls out to all citizens to be united and "erect a wall of people" so that together they can protect the freedom and independence of their country. if people are patriotic, brave and united they can fight all enemies enthralled in a "net of deceit". If they are divided they will lose the freedom of their country that has been earned by their ancestors who fought for independence. 

Success can never be achieved without sacrifices  
the poet highlights that in order to achieve success like gaining the independence and freedom for the country we must fight and be willing to make many "forced sacrifices that know no name or life". Therefore, if we want any success we must be willing to make sacrifices. 

Freedom comes with a price
The poet shows us that the freedom and independence of the country came with a  price - that is lots of "sufferings" and "forced sacrifices that know no name or life". All freedom fighters like the old man, who is now confined to a wheelchair highlights that "history of the fight for independence" will talk about their suffering, sacrifices and challenges. 

Moral Values 

Be patriotic - love your country
We must be willing to fight for our freedom.
The young generation must also be willing to stand up, united in the name of justice and be brave enough to speak up against deceit or anything else that may jeopardize our freedom. 

Appreciate sacrifices of the old 
We must appreciate the sacrifices of our ancestors especially the freedom fighters who made many sacrifices and underwent lots of sufferings in order to gain independence of our country. 


Present times
Most probably in a village far from the hustle and bustle of city life

Tone, Mood and Atmosphere 

In the first two stanzas, there is a note of tiredness as the persona talks about his current situation and inability to do much due to his weakening condition. Nevertheless a tinge of disappointment is seen as he highlights the deceit that has "spread everywhere".
then towards the end of the poem, in stanza 3, the tone and mood change to that of urgency as the persona calls out to the young to "wake up and form ranks" and to be brave enough to speak up.

Point of View 

Most likely a former freedom fighter
A patriotic person
First person
He is now crippled old man confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life

The poem has 4 stanzas of unequal length
Stanza 1 and 2 has 7 lines whilst stanza 3 has 5 lines and stanza 4 has a couplet (2 lines)
Written in free or blank verse

Language and Style 

A crippled old man with "body and energy crushed" sitting in a wheelchair looking disappointed as he feels ha has "no more voice"
The persona as a young man - he was young, energetic. spirited and brave. He had lots of strength as he fought for independence and made many "forced sacrifices".


"Net of deceit" indicates a group of people wo are going around deceiving others in today's world of capitalism. 
"Wall of people" giving the impression that if teh pubic get together they can can win this battle and stop the deceit from spreading.

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